HELP for eLearning
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Navigation through eLearning:

The primary navigation is via the Next, The Next icon, and Back, The Back icon, icons at the top center of the page.

  • The active Next icon, The Next icon takes you to the next page in the eLearning sequence.

  • The active Back icon,The Back icon, takes you to the prior page in the eLearning sequence.

At the top bar of the page you will see the eLearning program name and the module name that you are currently using:

HiSET CBT - IntroductionHelp

Clicking on the Program name, HiSET CBT in this case, takes you to the initial eLearning status page. Clicking on the module name, Introduction in this case, takes you to the first page of the module. The words become underlined as you move your mouse or pointer over the words.

An underlined word or phrase indicates a link that may be followed. Frequently the phrase click to view is used.

The Help icon The HELP icon indicates a link to this help page.

Images are sometimes active - always explore them with the mouse to see if additional information related to the image is available. Smaller images that are hard to read are also typically active, and larger versions of the image may be viewed by clicking the small image.

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